Unclaimed VAT now in the Billions

With over $1.4 trillion in business travel spend globally each year (and rapidly rising), do you know how much VAT your business can stand to reclaim?

 Business Travel Soars

Global business travel spend has been forecast to increase to $1.6 trillion by 2020, as predicted by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)Travel and Expenses (T&E) are a huge operational cost for most companies, currently accounting for approximately 10% -12% of a company’s overall budget. 

However, even though your business travel costs are rising, your potential VAT reclaim is rising too! 

The downside of a growing global economy is the higher prices associated with business travel. With businesses spending more freely on airlines, hotels, taxis and other business travel, suppliers need to make fewer concessions to attract customers.

As corporate T&E spending increases, are your company and your employees prepared to manage the foreign travel and expense VAT recovery?

With over $1.4 trillion in business travel spend globally in 2017, do you know how much VAT your business alone can stand to reclaim on T&E? Billions of dollars in VAT goes unclaimed each year, by businesses who do not understand how easy VAT reclaim can be. 

How much unclaimed VAT is your company missing out on?

What can you do to ensure that travel expenses including recoverable VAT are reclaimed?


The VAT reclaim process can be a headache, but Taxback International can help! In today's fast paced global marketplace, instant and full visibility on your travel spend data is crucial. We can help you to understand exactly where your money is going, and your potential to get money back through VAT reclaim! 

Increase My Reclaim Now

Our team demonstrate how our technology can help you make significant savings, adding cash back to your bottom line. 

“I don’t even invest an hour a month to this. It’s so easy that I sometimes forget it’s working
behind the scenes and putting money back into our bottom line.”
Brandon Weiss, VP of Financial Systems & Process Improvement at AEG Worldwide

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