Simple VAT reclaim for businesses of all sizes

Could you easily increase efficiencies within your SMB, while boosting revenue?  The answer is yes!

Revenue Boost SMB

SAP Concur and Taxback International's joint solution is pushing SMB's revenue up, with virtually no impact on your business. 

Taxback International and SAP Concur bring unique value to customers, providing insights into exactly where you’re losing time and money, giving you the tools to free up your resources, and reinvest them into more important areas of your business. 

Improve productivity and profitability with SAP Concur

Let’s face it – everyone dreads tedious, time-consuming expense report spreadsheets. When you automate expense management with SAP Concur, you improve productivity, compliance and control. Just snap pictures of receipts with a smartphone, and expense reports nearly write themselves. Finance leaders see spending as it happens, allowing for better business decision making “on the fly.”

The powerful partnership that SAP Concur has with Taxback International also means not only can you easily record and manage your employees expense data, but you can also reclaim the VAT spent. 
Everyday expenses add up to big value VAT reclaim!

At Taxback International, we work with small to medium sized businesses to maximise VAT reclaims each day. We have no minimum thresholds meaning that no VAT reclaim amount is too small - money back is money back! Coffees, meals, taxis and car hires are all small expenses, but the sheer volume of these transactions add up to sizable amounts of VAT. With global VAT rates up to 27%, Taxback International know that even small receipts and everyday expenses add up to big value VAT reclaim!

How does it work?

Taxback International's integration with SAP Concur quickly and securely extracts the relevant VAT data with follow-on connections to over 200+ of the world’s tax portals. There is no more need to manually go through invoices or receipts, removing the manual pain of VAT reclaim. 

The insights from the data provides customers with a detailed report on their VAT opportunity, where employees are traveling to and the expenses that they're incurring. 

Implementing this combined solution couldn't be easier - it can be done in days. 

Jennifer Millea is a Taxback International Business Development Manager, who specializes primarily in working with SMBs to reclaim their VAT. Speaking with Tim Page, Senior Director Partnerships and Alliances at SAP Concur, they discuss how SAP Concur and Taxback International's joint solution is pushing SMB's revenue up, and how easy it is to implement the solution.

SAP Concur 26 Taxback International- Simple2C Automated 26 maximised VAT reclaim for all clients

For more information on how our SMB solution can benefit your company, contact our SMB team. 

Contact Our SMB Team

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