Why are more and more global companies switching to Taxback International?

Already this year, 37 Global Clients have switched to Taxback International to look after their VAT reclaim.

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We spoke to our new clients and the top 5 reasons they’ve given for switching to Taxback International are:

  1. Service Excellence;
    • Our reputation for unmatched client care by our dedicated client management teams.
  2. Peace of mind;
    • 20+ year experience – average length of employee service over 5 years,
    • Fully audited accounts,
    • Separate dedicated client refund accounts ensuring their refunds are 100% secure.
  3. Fully indemnified VAT recovery.

  4. Maximised refunds;
    • Proven Continuous Improvement process ensures that their recovery will now increase every single year they work with Taxback International.
  5. Technology & Innovation;
    • Machine Learning,
    • OCR,
    • Analytics,
    • Real-Time Validation.
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