VAT Reclaim for Motorsport Companies

Taxback International is the only VAT Refund provider specialising in the Motorsport sector.

VAT reclaim Motorsport Industry

Our industry knowledge and expertise make us the only choice for motorsport companies.

Our team has crafted a streamlined and cost-effective VAT Recovery solution, customised for the Motorsport Industry. Companies like Red Bull Racing have found Taxback International exceptional. In particular, they have seen value through our flexibility when dealing with their specific requirements - tailoring a solution to match their needs. 

Motorsport companies generally incur significant business costs abroad such as:

  • Hire of race circuit for testing
  • Purchase of admission passes
  • Repairs / spare parts
  • Transportation costs etc
  • Accommodation costs

Taxback International can develop a solution specifically for you. We reduce your costs and eliminate the time spent in the VAT reclaim process. 

Are you involved in the Motorsport Industry? Get in contact today and see how we can aid you with your VAT procedures. 

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