TBI & Concur have joined forces!

Coming together to bring you more value!

Save 10 days on invoice processing and Imrove Cash Flow

Taxback International (TBI) and Concur have teamed up yet again! Together, we can bring even more value to clients. By using Concur Invoice you can cut up to 10 days off your invoice cycle, as well as improving company cash flow.

What is Concur Invoice?

Concur Invoice improves invoice processes and eliminates the paperwork, but that’s only the start! Concur’s complete spend management platform provides a single, powerful end-to-end solution for preapproval and ongoing management of invoices, expenses and other spending.

Where does TBI come into this?

TBI identify hundreds of client vendors who are incorrectly charging VAT each month. This is a significant cost, especially on larger invoices.

TBI’s new API allows us to seamlessly download invoice transactions data and images from Concur. Once downloaded, the data pass as through a series of checks to identify if VAT was charged correctly.

TBI will reach out to the vendor on our client’s behalf to re-issue the invoice without VAT- and in addition, any correctly charged VAT can be reclaimed from the Foreign Tax Office by TBI.

Why does this benefit you?

Using Concur Invoice together with TBI allows you to:

  • Remove paperwork
  • Pay invoices easily
  • Auto-match invoices, PO’s & received goods
  • Auto-identify incorrectly charged VAT by your suppliers
  • Allow TBI to work with suppliers to re-issue correct invoices
  • Allow TBI to educate suppliers on correct invoice procedures
  • Improve your cash flow

Why subject yourself to slow, manual, error-filled processes any longer?!

Learn More About Concur Invoice & TBI

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