Taxback International leave no VAT behind.

Not only do Taxback International reclaim your VAT on every single receipt (no matter how small), our tax engines also forensically examine every transaction and identify reasons for incompliancy, ensuring you continually maximise your reclaim while staying 100% compliant.

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Small Receipts Matter.

With global business travel spend on target to hit $1.6 trillion by 2022, companies are continually looking for fast ways to add money back on to their bottom line.

Coffees, meals, taxis and car hires are all small expenses, but the sheer volume of these transactions add up to sizable amounts of VAT. With global VAT rates up to 27%, Taxback International know that even small receipts and everyday expenses add up to big value VAT reclaim!

We process almost 2.5 million transactions each day!

Our platform VATConnect seamlessly integrates with expense management systems, hotel groups, travel management companies, payment companies - and many other electronic systems - to extract the relevant VAT data quickly and accurately.

Connections are simple and effortless! The integrations with these systems allows for the transfer  of data securely to our data capture centre. Each transaction is processed, with all relevant data and images extracted from invoices and receipts, creating a master VAT ready report. Our machine learning and OCR software automatically and intelligently matches the data with corresponding images.

We then automatically process the data for submission to the tax authorities, with follow-on connections to over 200+ of the world’s tax portals.


Taxback International's A.I. technology allows us to process a huge amount of transactions - almost 2.5 million each and every day!!

When we combine this with over 20 years of local tax office experience and relationships and precedents, we guarantee that the maximum amount of VAT is reclaimed for every client, on every VAT receipt- no matter how small.

We put the money back where it belongs - on your bottom line! 

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Our team of experts ensure that everything reclaimed is fully compliant.

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