Netherlands to increase Reduced VAT rate

The Dutch Govenmenet will change the Reduced VAT Rate. 


Netherlands VAT Update

It has been announced that the Dutch Government is set to increase the reduced VAT rate from 6% ro 9%.

The increase of the reduced VAT rate is part of the introduction of the so-called 'social level tax'.  This rate applies to basic foodstuffs, books, hair dresser services, medinces, theatres, and other services. 

The Dutch standard VAT rate of 21% will remain unchanged. The changes are aimed to be implemeneted by January 2018.

The Dutch havn't been the only ones to make change to their VAT rates recently. Liechtenstein and Switzerland have both anounced changes in their VAT rates in the last number of weeks.. 

If you have any queries any new VAT rate changes around the globe, particuarly regarding your global VAT recovery please contact our VAT Consulting team for free bespoke advice.

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