Many Norwegian companies missing out VAT reclaim opportunity.

Did you know as a Norwegian company, you could be reclaiming Value Added Tax (VAT) on cross border travel and expense incurred in the EU?


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Taxback International specialise in cross-border VAT recovery and compliance. We work to maximise foreign VAT recovery for many Norwegian businesses, while giving them full access to Taxback International’s expertise, ensuring full compliancy with the cross-border VAT regulations at all times.

What typical business expenses can Norwegian companies reclaim VAT on?

  • Business trip expenses: hotel, restaurant, rent-a-car, fuel etc
  • Any other business purchases – materials, tools, professional services, clinical trials, maintenance of a showroom/representative or technical support office; services of subcontractors, repairs etc
  • VAT charged on imports.
What are the specifics that would apply to a Norwegian company considering claiming their EU VAT back?

Many EU member states place reciprocity restrictions on non-EU countries which limit or disallow them from reclaiming VAT. However, due to Norway’s close relationship with the EU and existence of an equivalent procedure, Norwegian companies are in general not affected by such restrictions and are entitled to claim VAT from all “refund” countries

The information above is focused on the EU “refund” countries, however Taxback International also handle VAT recovery for non-EU countries which have implemented similar procedures (i.e. Canada, Australia, South Korea, Turkey).

How can I begin reclaiming VAT now?

Contact Taxback International's  Nordics team today to get tailored advice on how we can help you to maximise your VAT reclaim. 

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Our team of experts ensure that everything reclaimed is fully compliant.

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