Low thresholds mean mandatory registration for many Gulf businesses


GCC Updates – On track for January 1st 2018

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are pressing ahead as the leading countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council to implement VAT for the first time from 01/01/2018. The regime will be familiar to many European companies as it is expected that it will have a lot in common with E.U. VAT systems - especially around VAT recovery, registration obligations, and compliance - such as penalties and fines.

While the VAT rate is 5% for domestic transactions, there will be Intra-GCC 0% rates while exports will have reporting requirements which were not previously required. Along with regionally low thresholds of $100,000 turnover per year for mandatory registration – it is expected many businesses will need to pre-register from Oct-17 to be set up in time for e-filing.

If you are a company based in the Gulf, or doing business to the Gulf, get in touch with our VAT Development Teams who can provide free advice and assist you through this new obligation.

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