The Hidden Cost Of Import VAT

You could be missing out on a huge cash saving!

 Import VAT

Even when companies are aware that Import VAT is reclaimable, they are often unsure how to recover!

Bringing goods into a country usually attracts varying levels of customs, duties and taxes. All of which can be complex, detailed and involve a lot of time and work to get right. VAT expenses on importation are lost daily, as carriers often pass on these taxes directly to their clients, making them pay the burden. In many cases, clients are not aware of the correct paperwork or criteria  required to reclaim this VAT.

In fact, where Import VAT is applied, it is generally recoverable with other VAT - up to 27%.

Import VAT is applicable on the value of the goods, not the shipping cost – so it can be as high as 27% on top of the items. Where no or few controls are in place, this VAT often becomes an unseen cost in many organisations.

Why Taxback International?

Taxback International works with you and your carriers to ensure paperwork is correct in order to reduce VAT costs and ensure optimised VAT recovery. With Taxback International, we ensure you receive:

  • Expert advice on Import VAT reclaim,
  • Advice on documentation to assist VAT reclaims,
  • Review importation documentation,
  • Import VAT savings,
  • Satisfaction that all relevant follow-ups are completed,
  • Import VAT refunds,
  • Import VAT compliance checks.

Let Taxback International help you overcome VAT complexity - get in touch and we can start your reclaim.

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