Explore New Delhi! GBTA New Delhi 2017

Explore the city of New Delhi at this year's GBTA Conference 2017!

Explore the city of New Delhi!

The City of New Delhi is set to host this year’s GBTA India Conference 2017 on August 18th, at the Hotel Pullman New Delhi Aerocity.

This is an annual flagship educational and networking event of GBTA India. The Conference will discuss best practices across the business travel lifecycle, through panel discussions and presentations.

Attending events such as GBTA in the past, allows us to experience new cities, new cultures, and new people. India: a country full of the most beautiful landscapes, exquisite architecture and fantastic food is a place we’re excited to explore. New Dehli, the country’s capital, is a striking modern metropolis, encompassing both the historic roots of India, while still embracing its new and modern aspects.

While you’re attending on August 18th, take the time to appreciate what New Delhi has to offer!


Lotus Temple



New Delhi architecture is a breath-taking experience. The tombs, temples and structures are detailed with intricate designs on a mass scale.



Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Make sure to take in the beauty of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. This temple is said to be the friendliest, most inviting, and comfortable temple you’ll ever visit.

The Red Fort

Visit The Red Fort - red sandstone Mughal fortress of walls that surrounds an entire ancient city.

Lotus Temple

You can also experience the famous Lotus Temple - designed in the shape of a sacred lotus flower, with 27 flower petals constructed of marble making up the structure.

Jantar mantar

The ancient sun dial Jantar mantar - a complex including different structures used for astronomy observations.

Akshardham Temple

A more modern structure would be that of Akshardham Temple, built in 2005. With intricate detail and elaborate architecture, the whole design of this temple will blow your mind – certainly one you do not want to leave without seeing.




Butter Chicken

India has always been known for its delicious food around the world, but New Delhi is best place to go in order to experience the exquisite tastes of India.



Unleavened Indian flat bread, much thinner than naan and thicker than roti – parathas are best served stuffed with a mixture of ingredients like vegetables, potatoes, spices and cheese.


A common street snack in India, these fried puff-pastry balls filled with spiced mashed potato, chutney, chilli, spiced water and more are something not to be missed!

Butter Chicken

Or Murgh Makhani is a comfort food dish of chicken in a mildly spicy curry sauce. This soul-warming meal is favourite amongst locals and visitors is an experience in itself.


Got a sweet tooth? Not to worry – New Delhi is all about its desserts! Enjoy a piping hot Jalebis – deep fried maida flour batter into pretzel shapes, soaked in sugar.


For something on the cooler side try this Punjabi ice-cream – available in curious flavours such a Custard Apple, Tamarind and Aam Papd.


If you’re attending GBTA India, make sure you come see us to talk about your VAT Recovery opportunities. Our very own Joe Healy will be a panellist on the day for the discussion on Goods & Services Tax (GST) - Impact on business travel.


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