Client Spotlight: NBC Universal

"We have Taxback International working in the background" 

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Before working with Taxback International, NBC Universal were not optimizing their VAT reclaim. Their process was complicated, with U.S and U.K employees carrying out various procedures and tedious work inflicted on employees, resulting in missed opportunities.

Now, thanks to Taxback International, this employee intervention has been dramatically reduced. The VAT reclaim experts focus all VAT processes for NBC, ensuring compliance, accuracy and maximum VAT refunds.




Taxback International are constantly working in the background with NBC Universal, ensuring no disturbance to the day-to-day running of the business. Even at the implementation stage, there was ZERO disruption to the company - making it a seamless, hassle-free process.

Taxback International's work with NBC Universal has now given them opportunities to focus on other added-value activities within the company. 

To hear more about how Taxback International's VAT experts can maximise your VAT reclaims, whilst you look after your business, get in touch.

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