Client Spotlight: Diversey

"It's driven a lot of simplicity into our organisation" Diversey has learned how to maximise their reclaims for the future.

Diversey VAT 

Diversey is a global corporation providing hygiene solutions to thousands of customers globally. With their vast reach, business travel expenses rack up quickly, but VAT reclaim was never a leading cause of concern.

Reclaiming VAT on corporate T&E expenses hadn't been a priority in the past. VAT refunds always varied from country to country, with different entities applying their own complex procedures. 

Diversey Case Study (subtitles)


Since embracing the technology that Taxback International has to offer, they've been able to drive simplicity into their organisation. Now, regardless of location, they have a simple and consistent way of reclaiming their VAT.

Similar to NBC Universal, Diversey has found Taxback International's work to be almost invisible, with absolutely no disturbance to the day-to-day running of the business. Taxback International are educating Diversey and their employees, giving them the tools they need to understand why they are not reclaiming correctly, and how to maximise refunds in the future.

Working with Taxback International has transformed Diversey's VAT refunds, giving them the knowledge to improve future reclaim on corporate travel expenses.

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