The Top 5 Mistakes You Can Make On A Business Trip

Have you made any of these mistakes while on a business trip?

Business Travel Mistakes

It's safe to say that going on a business trip isn't all fun and games.  Here at Taxback International, we've seen it all - the good, the bad and the ugly! From excruciatingly long flights for one meeting or trying to work in a city you've no idea how to get around, we've been through it! Here are some of the worst mistakes you can make on a business trip, and some tips on how to avoid them!

Be Prepared!

This. Is. So. Important.

If you're a regular business traveller, you're bound to have an extremely fast-moving and busy lifestyle! One that sometimes leads you to forget something - your flight details, your itinerary, the address of where you're staying, or even your favourite travel pillow - but hopefully not all at the same time!

Before you go, make a list to ensure you have everything you need: know your flight and hotel or air bnb details (and how to get there). Simply put, being organised ensures you will have a successful trip. 

Scheduling Leisure before Business

When planning a bliesure trip, schedule business first and leisure later. You're still working after all, so if you start the trip in leisure mode - it'll be 10 times harder to shift into work mode when needs be. This is not to say you can't enjoy yourself too but the reason you're on this trip is to work, to get business or meet clients - so that should be your main priority over everything else.

Get some rest.

When you're at your normal work location, you always make sure you get a good night sleep so you're refreshed for the day ahead. Just because you're working somewhere else, or going to be travelling for a long period of time to get there, doesn't mean this changes! Imagine conducting a meeting in a beautiful lounge with comfortable chairs without having enough sleep the night before? You're only looking for trouble. Always ensure you've had enough sleep before you get to work on your trip - whether you plan to catch some Z's before you travel, or during a long-haul flights.

Lacking basic knowledge on customs or language

If you're in a business that requires visits to the same regions constantly, it is no harm to acquire some basic phrases when travelling. Learning key phrases will help you get around the cities, order food in restaurants, and allow you to get immersed in a new culture! What's more, it can be beneficial to gain some insight into the local customs in the region: it may in fact impact how you conduct business with individuals and companies there.

Forgetting to leave time for fun

Yes, we've mentioned before not to put fun activities in front of your work - but don't leave them out. The great perk about working in a position that involves you travelling to major cities - is the chance to experience them!

Why not extend your trip when you can? Take some time out when you're not in work mode to enjoy the sights!

These tips are crucial for anyone travelling for business - including those going to Las Vegas this year for Coupa Inspire'19! Make sure you take some of our tips with you when getting ready for Vegas!

When you're there, drop by and chat with Sinead Usher, Head of Global Partnerships - Travel, Expense & MICE. You can reach out to her below on on LinkedIn to start up a conversation.

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