Bleisure in Berlin - GBTA Conference Europe 2018.

Turn your business trip in a bleisure trip at this year's GBTA Europe 2018 in Berlin. 

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The GBTA Conference 2018 –Berlin is the largest annual gathering of business travel professionals in Europe. Taxback International are always keen to attend GTBA events, as they give us the opportunity to network with our clients, our partners, and introduce our powerful VAT reclaim technology to the global business travel industry.

Taking a trip to Germany's capital for GBTA is an opportunity, not only for business but for leisure too (Bleisure, as it's called). We've been to Berlin many times before, and it never fails to amaze us with its stunning architecture and insightful historic past.

1. Checkpoint Charlie

The setting for many thrillers and spy novels, the history of Berlin is at Checkpoint Charlie. It is a reminder of the former border crossing, the Cold War and the partition of Berlin. The barrier and checkpoint booth, the flag and the sandbags are all based on the original site.  

2. The Holocaust Memorial 

Close to the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin, you will find the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The Memorial is set in a 19,000 m2 site in the middle of Berlin, with a total of 2,711 concrete slabs or “stelae” placed in an irregular field. It was finished in 2005, designed by Peter Eisenman. The memorial is an experience in itself, even with its simple design.

3. Berlin’s TV Tower

The Berlin Television Tower is an iconic symbol of Berlin. Reaching a staggering 368 meters in height, the TV Tower is the city’s most visible landmark. It was inaugurated in 1969, and even has a revolving restaurant (Sphere Restaurant) on the top floor. From there, you can get a breath-taking 360-degree view of the city, as well as enjoying some of Berlin’s finest cuisine!

4. Brandenburg Gate

This should be your first stop in Berlin! It is the city’s most iconic sight today. It is Berlin’s only surviving historical gate and came to symbolise Berlin’s Cold War division into East and West – and now reunified Germany. It was constructed between 1788 and 1791 and designed by Carl Gotthard Langhans. Events at the Brandenburg Gate are phenomenal, like its renowned New Year’s Eve party with live music down on the party mile and a stunning fireworks display!

5. Tiergarten Park

Dublin has Phoenix Park, New York has Central Park, London has Hyde Park– and Berlin has Tiergarten Park! It is very much the heart of Berlin life! Ideal for a leisurely stroll, lying on the lawns or taking in some of the city’s sights. It not only offers winding tree-lined paths and open green spaces but is home to many historic memorials as well as cultural and political sights.

The Taxback International team want to meet you at this year's GBTA Europe Conference 2018. We've got something new to launch so it'll be one not to miss!

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